Is Your Bite Cracking Your Teeth?

This patient presented with persistent pain her previous dentist was unable to diagnose. Looking at the contact points between the upper and lower teeth, it was apparent that there were non- ideal forces on the bottom back tooth. In addition, the tooth in front of it had a very large metal filling with signs of […]

Healthy Living Requires Healthy Gums – Part 2!

Periodontal disease is often difficult to detect on your own, but it can have serious implications for your overall health. Many people with periodontal disease are not even aware they have it. We actually wish periodontal disease hurt! Pain is typically a clear indication to people that there is a problem with their body. Unfortunately, […]

Healthy living requires healthy gums!

I saw a patient recently whose main concern was, “Why won’t the dentist just clean my teeth?” He came from another office and was frustrated by their recommendation for periodontal therapy. He did not understand why he could no longer be treated with the same regular cleaning he had been receiving for decades. The patient’s […]

Take advantage of the dental benefits you’ve paid for all year long!

It’s that time of year again! Take advantage of the dental benefits you’ve paid for all year long! Dental Insurance If you are paying for dental insurance and need dental treatment or are not seeing a dentist regularly, take advantage of your dental plan this year before your dental benefits expire. Unlike true insurance plans, […]

Is sedation the same as laughing gas (nitrous oxide)?

This is a common question from patients with dental anxiety. Oral sedation IS completely different from nitrous oxide–from a patient experience, physiological, and even legal, standpoint. Dental Anxiety We recently saw a patient who was so anxious that even with nitrous oxide, having a cleaning procedure done was a stressful and uncomfortable ordeal. She would […]

Our office is moving!

We are excited to announce that as of November 1, we will be in our new space: 2032 Lowe Street, Suite 100. Moving Offices Thank you to all of our loyal patients who have been visiting us on Riverside for all these years! We appreciate you and are excited to provide you with a beautiful, […]