Financial Info

We care about you and your finances.

At the Ft. Collins dental office of Dr. Richard Gray, we take all your concerns seriously – and that includes your financial concerns. Our mission is to provide exceptional dentistry you can trust and the compassionate care you deserve. To make this happen, we work with a team that is highly skilled at providing gentle, patient-centered care. We also use name-brand regulated materials and a United States Certified dental lab.


We are happy to file insurance claims to any insurance company as a courtesy to our patients.  Jennifer is highly experienced with insurance and will help you take the best advantage of your benefits, no matter what plan you have. If you have any questions about your coverage, we’ll be happy to help answer them.

We are In-Network with the following insurance providers:

Financing Options

If you are uninsured or your treatment isn’t covered by your insurance, don’t worry. We have options that can help you break a larger payment down into smaller payments that more easily fit in your budget.

We are also happy to offer in-office financial arrangements as well. If you feel this would be helpful, please let us know so that we can discuss this option with you.

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Personal Check
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

Our office is happy to submit claims to any insurance plan as a courtesy to our patients. 

How will my treatment be explained to me?

At our office, we consider you to be part of your treatment team. Your concerns and opinions are important to us, and you make the final decisions about your treatment. Our goal is to provide you the information you need to make decisions about your dental care that you are comfortable with and that fit your goals for your teeth.

Dental Consultation

Following an exam, Dr. Gray will inform you of areas of concern and discuss how to address each area. Dr. Gray is also happy to schedule a consultation appointment to review treatment recommendations and options in greater detail. 

Patient Education

We prefer to take the time to educate and inform our patients because we find that patients who feel confident in their knowledge about their health tend to have better long-term outcomes. Plus, it’s your mouth! You have the right to determine what goes on in there! 

Advanced Dental Technology

A lot of the technology we use in our office is related to patient education and improved diagnostics. For example, our digital dental x-rays are displayed on a computer monitor and we can zoom in, rotate the image, and even highlight certain areas to show you exactly what’s going on and explain why we would recommend a particular treatment. Our intraoral camera allows us to show you exactly what we’re seeing when we look at your teeth so that you have plenty of information about why treatment is recommended.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We always want to make sure you understand every aspect of your care. 

My experience with Dr. Gray is very positive. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Gray provided me with a written evaluation of my oral health along with a plan to resolve my problems. He has clearly explained what he has found. I have foreknowledge of what will need to be done so that I can plan accordingly. With previous dentists, I was always guessing with several unpleasant surprises. This has not happened with Dr. Gray since I have been seeing him for the last couple of years. He seems to be fast and efficient but takes the time to do things correctly.

— J.G. , Ft. Collins