I’m always thinking about all the components of the chewing system (teeth, bone, muscles, joints, nervous system, airway, and appearance). However, at various times of the year, I do find myself particularly appreciative of certain aspects of oral health.

  • At Christmas and in the spring, I start to think about family and wedding photos and the aesthetics of the system.
  • In the summer I think about protection of the system from sports trauma, energy drinks, and hiking foods (peanut butter and maltodextrin are sticky!).
  • Around March and April, I think about bite guards (I have one patient who is notorious for developing toothaches right around tax time).
  • Thanksgiving brings to mind the functionality of the chewing system. Food provides energy and vitamins, it makes us feel good, it stimulates memories, its preparation provides time together with loved ones. We owe the ability to eat a wide variety of food to a chewing system that is in good repair and working properly. Just imagine (or, if you’ve ever had a toothache, remember) what life would be like if you had difficulty eating because of your teeth, chewing muscles, or jaw joints. Take a moment this week to be thankful for your teeth and everything they do for your health, enjoyment, and personality.

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Dental Philosophy of Dr. Gray

I practice dentistry because I want people to have the chance to live their lives and pursue their goals without being limited by their teeth. At Thanksgiving, I hope you are able to enjoy the foods you love to eat and the social gatherings you attend without worrying about tooth pain, jaw joint pain, or how your smile looks.

All of us at Poudre Valley Family Dental wish you a time of peace, thanksgiving (teeth included), and enjoyment of great food and company this November 22nd.