Don’t Let the Corona Virus Affect the Health of Your Teeth and Gums

Everyone has been inundated with information about the spread of coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) over the last few weeks. People contract the illness when the virus enters their respiratory system. The main routes of entry are through the nose and mouth. There appears to be some evidence that the virus can infect people via […]

February is American Heart Month

Heart disease is very closely associated with the health of your gums. Infection of the gums causes chronic inflammation and provides an easy avenue for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Dentists can recognize signs of gum disease long before a person notices symptoms (which can include red, puffy, gums, bleeding of the gums, bad breath, and loosening […]

February is American Heart Month

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women and the cause of 1 out of every 3 female deaths each year. Statistics like this have a significant effect on the practice of dentistry (yes, dentistry!).  In particular, dental professionals who understand and keep current on systemic health conditions […]

Invisalign Treatment with Poudre Valley Family Dental

This patient was concerned about how his crooked upper left tooth (left lateral incisor) affected his smile. Overlaps like this are fairly common because the upper lateral incisors have relatively small, circular roots and drift out of alignment more easily than the upper central teeth or the upper canines. In fact, before my orthodontic treatment […]

Get More Mileage from Your Teeth Whitening

Do you have a special event like a wedding or class reunion coming up soon and want to look your best? Professional teeth whitening in Fort Collins, CO is an affordable cosmetic dental treatment that delivers excellent value. Whether you choose in-office power whitening or a customized take-home kit, teeth whitening is affordable and provides […]

Braces and implant treatment used to replace a left-over baby tooth

This case is a great example of the benefits of a great dental team.  I worked closely with the patient, the orthodontist, and the periodontist to achieve a great result that will last a long time. One of my patients had a baby upper canine that stayed in place for around 30 years too long.  […]

Why Dentists Recommend Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth

If you’re thinking about replacing a missing tooth, you’ve probably heard about dental implants. This proven, reliable treatment for restoring smiles is the gold standard for replacing teeth. If you’re one of the 178 million Americans who are missing one or more teeth, you’ve probably considered a dental implant, and your dentist in Fort Collins […]

With Invisalign, Adults Can Have Straight Teeth Too

Have you ever wished you could have straight teeth, but just couldn’t bear the thought of a mouth full of wires, brackets, and various other metal hardware? There are many people who are self-conscious about their crooked teeth. Some of us never had the chance to have braces when we were kids. You may have […]

The gift of a beautiful smile and functional teeth!

Are you trying to decide what to get for a loved one (or for yourself) for Christmas?  Have you considered sending them to the dentist!? Believe it or not, caring for the gums and teeth provide a number of gifts that you (and others) will still appreciate for many Christmases to come: a smile that […]

Symptoms and Treatment for Gingivitis

The American Dental Association estimates that over half of Americans have some degree of gum disease, and it all starts with gingivitis. You may have heard the term before (it means “inflammation of the gums”), but do you know what signs and symptoms may indicate that gum disease has started in your mouth? Dr. Gray […]

Are you thankful for your teeth?

I’m always thinking about all the components of the chewing system (teeth, bone, muscles, joints, nervous system, airway, and appearance). However, at various times of the year, I do find myself particularly appreciative of certain aspects. At Christmas and in the spring, I start to think about family and wedding photos and the aesthetics of […]

Technology Matters In Dentistry – Fluorescence Cavity Detection

There was a time when I thought the use of fluorescence for cavity detection was an excessive and unnecessary gimmick. I had worked on a project involving fluorescent tags on recombinant proteins during my PhD work, and I believed that fluorescence would not be a useful way to find cavities due to the complexity and diversity […]